Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shirobasti and its Merits

Shirobasti is an Ayurvedic procedure, which is performed to provide relief to people suffering from numbness, cervical spondylosis, dryness of mouth and nose, insomnia, cataract, ear pain or deafness, facial paralysis and several other diseases that affect the cranial nerves.  This process involves keeping highly specific lukewarm oil on the head of the patient/individual for a specific period. The individual has to sit in an erect position when undergoing Shirobasti.

Individuals seeking relief from alopecia and hair fall conditions, as well as from greying of hair can also undergo Shirobasti for curing these conditions. After undergoing a session of Shirobasti the sense organs of individuals feel healthier.

AyurSukha recommends individuals to undergo Shirobasti if they have difficulties arising owing to head injuries or just for relaxing the organs and feeling better.

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