Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Physiotherapy for Neurological Conditions

For neurological disorders and conditions, physiotherapy treatments must be customized according to every individual patient’s needs. The individual should be better able to improve their quality of life and tackle their health issues on their own with the right physiotherapy treatment for support.

Ayur Sukha has its physiotherapy sessions designed according to the various physical needs of various patients. After the initial assessments are complete, balance and movement problems, posture, muscle tone, sensation, muscle strength, and coordination problems and disorders are looked into. Personal treatment plans are formulated for every individual based on the person’s ability to stand up, walk, use the hands and reach out for an object. Realistic goals are provided to the individuals undergoing the treatment sessions to achieve.

When an individual experiences improvement in mobility and strength training, the experts at Ayur Sukha do the required follow ups, long term reviews and checkups to ensure that the improvement in the neurological condition is maintained.

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