Thursday, January 24, 2013

Almond Scrub Soap for Exfoliation and Smooth Skin

The virtues of almond when it comes to your skin are numerous. You can use almond oil, almond soap and almond cream on your skin to give it a supple, smooth, soft, healthy and glowing look. Ayur Sukha advises the use of herbal products for your skin and hair, as these does not contain chemicals.

Ayur Sukha’s Almond Scrub Soap is a herbal product and has invigorating scrubbing powers and at the same time is crafted to be highly gentle on the skin. Apart from the exfoliating properties of the soap, the product also is popular for its fragrance that makes even the mood of the user pleasant.
Almonds are also known for toxin elimination, cancer preventing qualities, as well as for making the skin appear smooth, soft and healthy.

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