Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Agrigold Jofit Oil Relieves Pain Naturally

The present lifestyle of the modern man and sitting of long hours before the computer, can gift a man or a woman lots of aches and pains in several parts of the body. Agrigold strongly recommends the use of herbal and ayurvedic products for gaining relief from back and lower backaches, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, sprains, inflammations, joint pains, muscle pains, neck rigidity in cervical spondylitis, sports injuries and several other pains. Instead of stuffing yourself with over-the-counter pain killer pills, which are crammed with harmful chemicals, it is way better to go the natural way.

Agri Gold offers individuals who are suffering from bodily aches and pains relief in the form of Jofit oil. The oil is pure, ayurvedic oil and has no chemicals; it can be directly massaged onto the area of pain for relief. Continued massaging on the area works like magic and kills the pain.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Agrigold's herbal sunscreen lotion keeps skin problems at bay

In a world where skin problems are very common and affecting people of all ages, sunscreen or sunblock lotion has become a must-have for not only the fairer sex, but also the male gender. When the skin is exposed to the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun, skin problems like wrinkles, blemishes, pigmentation, and even skin cancer can be avoided.

Ayursukha strongly recommends the usage of herbal products only when sunscreen lotion is concerned. Herbal products are not crammed with chemicals, and they have a natural effect on the skin and are also much gentler on the human skin than the cosmetics creams and lotions available in the market. Any herbal product is also capable of working against the tan and lightening the tan that is already there in one’s skin.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Almond Scrub Soap for Exfoliation and Smooth Skin

The virtues of almond when it comes to your skin are numerous. You can use almond oil, almond soap and almond cream on your skin to give it a supple, smooth, soft, healthy and glowing look. Ayur Sukha advises the use of herbal products for your skin and hair, as these does not contain chemicals.

Ayur Sukha’s Almond Scrub Soap is a herbal product and has invigorating scrubbing powers and at the same time is crafted to be highly gentle on the skin. Apart from the exfoliating properties of the soap, the product also is popular for its fragrance that makes even the mood of the user pleasant.
Almonds are also known for toxin elimination, cancer preventing qualities, as well as for making the skin appear smooth, soft and healthy.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Workout for Losing Excess Weight

If you want to burn calories and get rid of that extra flab around your waist, switch to working out. A well planned fitness regime can help you lose weight; Ayur Sukha strictly advises against crash dieting and starving to lose weight. When an individual indulges in starving to get rid of excess weight, he/she might become anorexic and this may prove to be fatal for one’s health.

It is always advisable to seek professional help; an instructor will be best able to tell you how to work out in order to get rid of extra flab, gain strength, and boost metabolism rate. The instructor will also be able to tell you which part of the body needs the maximum amount of attention and what kind of exercises should be a part of your daily regime. The right weight loss fitness programme can keep you fit and healthy.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shirobasti and its Merits

Shirobasti is an Ayurvedic procedure, which is performed to provide relief to people suffering from numbness, cervical spondylosis, dryness of mouth and nose, insomnia, cataract, ear pain or deafness, facial paralysis and several other diseases that affect the cranial nerves.  This process involves keeping highly specific lukewarm oil on the head of the patient/individual for a specific period. The individual has to sit in an erect position when undergoing Shirobasti.

Individuals seeking relief from alopecia and hair fall conditions, as well as from greying of hair can also undergo Shirobasti for curing these conditions. After undergoing a session of Shirobasti the sense organs of individuals feel healthier.

AyurSukha recommends individuals to undergo Shirobasti if they have difficulties arising owing to head injuries or just for relaxing the organs and feeling better.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Physiotherapy for Neurological Conditions

For neurological disorders and conditions, physiotherapy treatments must be customized according to every individual patient’s needs. The individual should be better able to improve their quality of life and tackle their health issues on their own with the right physiotherapy treatment for support.

Ayur Sukha has its physiotherapy sessions designed according to the various physical needs of various patients. After the initial assessments are complete, balance and movement problems, posture, muscle tone, sensation, muscle strength, and coordination problems and disorders are looked into. Personal treatment plans are formulated for every individual based on the person’s ability to stand up, walk, use the hands and reach out for an object. Realistic goals are provided to the individuals undergoing the treatment sessions to achieve.

When an individual experiences improvement in mobility and strength training, the experts at Ayur Sukha do the required follow ups, long term reviews and checkups to ensure that the improvement in the neurological condition is maintained.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Keep yourself active to keep the heart healthy

If you have been a couch potato and have heart problems, do blame yourself for the condition. To own a healthy heart, one needs to exercise and be physically active. When we exercise, the heart beat rate increases; remember that simple activities like climbing up the stairs and a brisk walk also count as exercises.

People can be involved in yoga, swimming, aerobics, jogging, gym and other forms of exercise too. Sitting at your work station, you can do some stretch exercises; it will make you feel good and also help your heart beat rate increase. Under no circumstances should one lead a sedentary lifestyle, as this is the root cause for all heart problems.

Regular exercising strengthens the heart and cardio-vascular system, and also does away with the heart failure symptoms. About 20 to 30 minutes of exercising daily is good enough to keep heart problems at bay.
AyurSukha understands the different needs of different individuals in keeping physically fit and offers professional help and advice. AgriGold India suggests everyone to leave the couch and concentrate on working out to ensure having a healthy heart.