Friday, December 21, 2012

The Merits of Foot Spa

Feet are the most ignored body parts for the human body. Today, amidst our busy lives, when we do not have time to spend on ourselves every day, we should go for a foot spa once or twice a month. It is a wrong notion that a foot spa is only for luxury, but it is an important part of the reflexology process that ensures well being of the whole body.

A foot spa is beneficial for:
  • - relieving stress
  • - relieving arthritis
  • - curing acidity, headache and indigestion problems
  • - certain cases of insomnia
  • - maintaining pH balance in the body
  • - detoxifying liver and kidneys
  • - strengthening immune system
  • - reduction of acne and wrinkles
  • - enhancement of metabolic rate
AgriGold India understands the many health benefits of a foot spa apart from keeping your feet looking beautiful and attractive. AyurSukha offers premium services in foot spa and has expert professionals who know the job well. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Netra Tarpana

This ayurvedic treatment is the ultimate cure for tired eyes. If your lifestyle or work demands you to stare at the monitor for long periods, your eyes will need rejuvenation. The therapists start by making a reservoir around the eyes and filling it up with medicated oil. In the groove, herbal ghee is poured so as to lubricate the eyes. This procedure is continued for a fixed span of time.

AyurSukha reveals that Nethra Tarpana is a natural way to strengthen eye tissues and restore the beauty of eyes. It also improves one’s vision and stimulates the optic nerves and muscles. Agri Gold India recommends the ayurvedic treatments at AyurSukha.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sirodhara – Why it is Important

Siro/Shiro implies the head, and dhara means flow; Sirodhara is an ayurvedic treatment that is practiced by enabling the oil to flow to the forehead from a certain height, at a certain point and for a certain span of time. The oil is actually a medicated one that is allowed to flow on all directions of the forehead, so as to relax the individual and soothe the mental and physical fatigue.

This detoxification technique lets the oil run into the hair and scalp. Sirodhara helps establish an ego-less state that leaves an individual refreshed, rejuvenated and looking younger. With regular Sirodhara, a person can enhance blood circulation to the brain, improve memory, nourish the scalp and the hair, and revitalizes the central nervous system.

AyurSukha offers this treatment along with several other ayurvedic treatments. AgriGold India emphasises on the need of these treatments since today people are very busy with work and do not find a time to relax and rejuvenate.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Best Time to Exercise

It is important to know when the best time for exercising is, if you do not know this, you will not be able to make the best of time available to you. Agri Gold says that the right time for exercising keeps differing for individuals; if you are an early bird, there is no better time than mornings, and if you are a night owl, you will have to make the evenings work for you.

Generally morning is considered to be the best time in the day to exercise; however if you are exercising in the morning, ensure that you give more time to warm up your body that you would in any other time of the day.

If you are not an early bird, you can work out in evenings keeping in mind considerations such as work schedules, friends and family.

AyurSukha arranges its fitness programs accordingly to meet your preferred time requirements.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Physiotherapy helps your body revive naturally

Physiotherapists help people get rid of physical problems that might come with accidents, injuries or with aging. AyurSukha has expert physiotherapists who examine you and know exactly how to get rid of a nagging pain or ailment. AgriGold India has come up with a few of the benefits that a physiotherapy treatment can provide patients.

Eliminating or minimizing back, neck and shoulder pain. A full assessment of the joints, muscles and spinal movements is done to design the right treatment procedure for long-term aches and pains.

Muscle flexibility and strength is restored as well joint pains are eased in the upper limbs like shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist, as well as the lower limbs like the groin, knee, hip, foot and ankle.

Treats sports injuries and helps individuals to return to sports soon or have better functioning of the limbs and get more productive.

Medication consumption for bodily aches and pains get considerably reduced for physiotherapy treatments.

It helps to aid recovery after a surgical procedure.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Health Benefits of Regular Exercising

If you thought that exercising and physical fitness was all about slimming down, toning the body and keeping fit, there is much more for you to learn. AgriGold India understands the immense benefits that regular exercising can have on one’s body, mind and lifestyle and has come up with the AyurSukha Fitness Solutions Program.

Let’s take a look at the 7 wonders of exercising 

  • Regular exercising definitely helps to keep the weight in check; it controls excessive weight gain as well as excessive weight loss
  • Regular physical activity keeps the heart healthy, controls cholesterol levels, and with the right guidance from fitness experts, you can also ease pain/injury and combat health conditions and ailments
  • If you are depressed or stressed, physical activity can make you happier and relaxed. Exercising can also boost one’s confidence and self esteem

  • Exercising is your natural energy booster pill. It will help your heart, blood circulation and lungs function better and will increase the oxygen levels in your body 
  • Exercising helps one to fall asleep faster and sleep soundly
  • Find a physical activity that you enjoy; it can become a play activity for you
  • Regular exercise can provide a positive effect on your sex life; it enhances arousal for both men and women

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why Ayurvedic Medicines?

Where does Ayurvedic medicine gain an edge over the Allopathic medicine? Ayurveda or the science of life has been practiced in India for thousands of years now. It is highly popular all over the globe simply due to the fact that it comes with no side effects and has a healing capacity over the body as well as the mind. When one is undergoing ayurvedic treatment, it purports wellbeing of the entire body and soul and is not just limited to the treatment of a disease or illness.

AgriGold India understands the importance of Ayurveda and utilizes it to the maximum at its Ayursukha centers. Through the many ayurvedic services, individuals are relaxed and made free from ailments. There are also packages for ayurvedic services that individuals can opt for as per their benefits.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Going to a Spa?? Know how to be best benefited

If there is an overload of stress or if you really want to do away with certain pains and injuries, you may go for spa treatments. Ensure that the spa has professionals who have years of experience in providing spa treatments. AgriGold India’s Ayursukha centers offer spa services in a relaxing environment where every individual receives a unique programme tailored to his/her needs.

Exotic body scrubs, facials, body, head and foot treatments are offered using a unique range of natural products as well as herbs and spices to cleanse, detoxify and regenerate your body.

Guidelines you must keep in mind

Arrive well ahead of your appointment time. This will let you relax before the session starts
Undress to the level you are comfortable; this will help you relax better
Inform your therapist of any injuries you might have prior to the session. Also inform the therapist of any health conditions you may have
If you face any discomfort during the massage, do not hesitate to inform the professional/service person immediately
The key is to relax and breathe deeply and slowly enabling the therapist to release all the tension from your body

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Agrigold Ayursukha: Wonders of Yoga on the Body, Mind and Soul

No matter whether you are 8 or 80 years of age, yoga plays the role of that magic wand that can relax you and at the same time strengthen you. Since time immemorial, the many yoga asanas possess the secrets to a healthy lifestyle; the asanas range from very simply postures to highly strenuous postures. Apart from physical health, yoga benefits humans through an inner sense of wellbeing.

AgriGold India is once again benefiting the human kind through asanas, meditation and pranayama. At its Ayursukha centers, individuals can undergo general yoga, dynamic yoga and yoga therapy sessions. The therapies are designed to ease back pain, neck pain, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, migraine, gastrointestinal problems, hypothyroidism, anxiety and depression, asthma and several other physical and mental problems.

Apart from yoga, an individual can go through ayurvedic treatments, unwind at the Devanaagari spa, benefit from the many fitness solutions and undergo physiotherapy treatments.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Food of the Gods – Lassi

The humble looking yogurt drink is highly powerful in nature and provides the human body the healthy bacteria kick it deserves. Curd/yogurt and lassi have the presence of healthy bacteria which strengthens the immunity power, supports healthy cholesterol, promotes mineral absorption, fights fatigue and soothes digestive disorders. One glass of lassi after a meal helps to lubricate the intestine walls making digestion an easy process. So, the next time you have gorged on spicy and oily food, ensure you intake a glass of lassi to conclude your feast.

AgriGold’s Amruthavarshini Dairy Farms Pvt. Ltd. has come up with the sweet lassi for its consumers. The product is so pure and tastes just like homemade lassi. AgriGold India’s lassi is reputed for its many health benefits.

Oh! and for the ones who are annoyed with graying of hair before time, remember that regular consumption of lassi will prevent that. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Demand for AgriGold Health Care and Beauty Products are Growing Everyday

AgriGold’s health care division along with its beauty section are rising at an alarming rate. The products are highly effective according to a majority of the consumers and at the same time the prices are reasonable.  All the products being Ayurvedic, users do not have to face any side effects; this is the main reason for the huge popularity of AgriGold’s health care and beauty products.

Ayurvedic health products include capsules and syrups for diabetic patients, menstrual cyclic problems, poor memory and lack of concentration, male impotency, sexual dysfunction, stress management, neurological conditions, constipation, and immunity problems.  Medicines are also available for rheumatic conditions, piles, muscle and joint pains, skin diseases, cough and cold, and digestion problems.

There is a range of beauty products offered by AgriGold comprising facial scrubs, face packs, fairness oils and creams, body packs, sunscreen oils, body shaping oils, hair oils and massage oils. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

AgriGold INDIA The Pioneer In Indian Health Industry

Agri Gold Herbs and Health Care division has been offering a range of over 35 health care products and 150 ‘sastric ayurvedic preparations’ under single and multiple formulations. The regular R&D efforts have developed a wide range of over 70 products for beauty and personal care solutions. Focus is on providing health care as prescribed in traditional Indian medicine ‘Ayurveda’. Efforts are oriented towards establishing a chain of ‘AyurSukha’ treatment centers across the INDIA bringing all possible therapeutic treatments under one roof.

The Indian Health Care industry is estimated at $ 17 billion and has been growing at 13% per annum. This growth will be at the same pace for the next 6 years. Medical tourism is expected to earn about 10000 crores INR by 2012 (CII-McKinsey study in 2005) in view of the huge cost difference (200% – 800%) between health producers across the globe. Global leaders like Unilever and Lakme, focusing on the ‘oriental treatments and therapy centers’ is a reflection of the opportunity not to be missed.

AgriGold Group, with its vast experience and knowledge in Ayurveda and the related therapies, has set up ‘Holistic Healing Centers’ at Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Chennai and Bangalore and is now setting up ‘Holistic Healing Villages’ at Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam bringing Ayurveda, Physiotherapy, Fitness, Herbal Beauty, Yoga under one roof.

Health and Healing the natural way!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Agri Gold Health Care - Rejenuvate Your Health with Ayursukha

Agri Gold Health Care

Herbs and Health Care division has been offering a wide range of over 35 health care products and 150 ‘sastric ayurvedic preparations’ under single and multiple formulations. The regular R&D efforts have developed a wide range of over 70 products for beauty/personal care solutions. Focus is on providing health care as prescribed in traditional Indian medicine ‘Ayurveda’. Efforts are oriented towards establishing a chain of ‘Ayursukha’ treatment centers across the country bringing all possible therapeutic treatments under one roof.