Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Food of the Gods – Lassi

The humble looking yogurt drink is highly powerful in nature and provides the human body the healthy bacteria kick it deserves. Curd/yogurt and lassi have the presence of healthy bacteria which strengthens the immunity power, supports healthy cholesterol, promotes mineral absorption, fights fatigue and soothes digestive disorders. One glass of lassi after a meal helps to lubricate the intestine walls making digestion an easy process. So, the next time you have gorged on spicy and oily food, ensure you intake a glass of lassi to conclude your feast.

AgriGold’s Amruthavarshini Dairy Farms Pvt. Ltd. has come up with the sweet lassi for its consumers. The product is so pure and tastes just like homemade lassi. AgriGold India’s lassi is reputed for its many health benefits.

Oh! and for the ones who are annoyed with graying of hair before time, remember that regular consumption of lassi will prevent that. 

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