Friday, December 21, 2012

The Merits of Foot Spa

Feet are the most ignored body parts for the human body. Today, amidst our busy lives, when we do not have time to spend on ourselves every day, we should go for a foot spa once or twice a month. It is a wrong notion that a foot spa is only for luxury, but it is an important part of the reflexology process that ensures well being of the whole body.

A foot spa is beneficial for:
  • - relieving stress
  • - relieving arthritis
  • - curing acidity, headache and indigestion problems
  • - certain cases of insomnia
  • - maintaining pH balance in the body
  • - detoxifying liver and kidneys
  • - strengthening immune system
  • - reduction of acne and wrinkles
  • - enhancement of metabolic rate
AgriGold India understands the many health benefits of a foot spa apart from keeping your feet looking beautiful and attractive. AyurSukha offers premium services in foot spa and has expert professionals who know the job well. 

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